The Ultimate Snowmobile Trip for Everyone!

If you love winter as much as we do, the StaySpa is an amazing getaway. In addition to the luxurious accommodations, the Castle Rock Lake area has incredible trails waiting for you. A few of the many benefits of using the StaySpa as your Snowmobiling HQ include:

  • Snowmobile up to your patio door. No trailering.

  • Trails are less crowded than up north.

  • Less drive time, more trail time.

  • Huge hot tub and steam room.

  • Two shiatsu massage chairs.

  • Three fireplaces.

  • Entertainment are with big screen TV.

  • Two car heated garage.

  • Four huge bedrooms.

  • Four bathrooms.

  • Full kitchen.

  • Room for 10 adults.

  • Extra space nextdoor at the townhome.

  • All amenities are privately and exclusively for you.

Snowmobiling Information

The StaySpa on Castle Rock Lake is the perfect place for your next snowmobile trip. Some of the best snowmobile trails in Wisconsin are right out the patio door, so no trailering. The trails are not as busy as the trails in northern Wisconsin and really let you open up the throttle on your sled. Not to mention, the StaySpa is two and a half hours closer.

Skiing Information and Opportunities