The Stay Spa on Castle Lake

Massage and Shiatsu Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage includes a variety of techniques specifically designed to improve circulation, bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. It can relieve muscle tension and pain, increase flexibility and mobility, and help clear lactic acid and other waste, which reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time, with the aim of relieving both emotional and physical stress. Your massage therapist uses massage lotions or oils in long, smooth strokes, kneading motions as well as other techniques to give you the depth of massage that you desire. Choose a ½ hour, 1 hour or 1 ½ hour session.

Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu is a holistic hands-on therapy based on traditional eastern medicine that is both therapeutic and preventative. A shiatsu treatment takes place with the receiver lying comfortably clothed on a table. Your Shiatsu therapist uses her hands, thumbs, and forearms, to apply sustained pressure to specific release points in the body in order to release toxins and make way for your own natural healing energy to emerge. Shiatsu affects the ‘whole’ person – physical, emotional and energetic – not just some part of the body.  After the treatment patients usually feel much lighter, and experience a marked decrease in pain and stiffness. To learn more, visit:

Massage for Pregnancy

Massage can be very beneficial for pregnancy by increasing both blood & lymph circulation. Massage can give relief to women suffering muscle cramps, spasms and pain, particularly in the lower back, neck, hips and legs. It can relax and reduce stress, and bring more nutrition to all parts of your body. Side-lying support cushions are used to keep the mother-to-be most comfortable. We work with each individual to focus on the areas of concern, as well as the depth of massage strokes.

Spa Stone Massage

The body is massaged with gently heated, smooth stones to warm both the muscles and joints. Large and small stones are used in motion and in resting positions to allow the heat to radiate deep into tight muscles. Massaging lotions are added to enhance the deeper state of relaxation.


Massage and Shiatsu Therapies

2-3 Services*

4 or more Services*

Swedish and Pregnancy Massage

1/2 Hour
1 Hour
1 1/2 Hours
Hot Stone Therapy
1 Hour
1 1/2 Hours
Shiatsu – 1 Hour
Facials and Body Wraps
Classic Facial
Purifying Facial
Gentleman’s Facial
Body Wrap
Body Polish
* “Services” refers to your choice from any of these spa treatment categories
Due to the Stay Spa proximity and service provider’s travel expenses, there is a minimum requirement of $300 in total services in the Massage/Shiatsu therapies category and/or in the Facials/Body Wraps category.
We cannot guarantee that all of your requests for spa services can be satisfied. We will try our best to accommodate (sp) all requests.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of StaySpa services must be made a full 3-days (72 hours) in advance of spa services to avoid charges. For cancellations within 1 to 3 days (24-72 hours) prior to spa services, 50% of spa fees will be charged. For cancellations less than 24 hours, 100% of spa fees will be charged. Our intention is not to benefit monetarily from a cancellation, but to fairly compensate spa service providers who set aside appointment times from their private practices.