Tao Shiatsu: Fundamental Healing

Tao Shiatsu therapy aims to assist patients in the recovery and strengthening of their natural internal healing power and connection to all of life (Tao). A 1-hour treatment is a refreshing way to recover from physical ailments, enrich the quality of your life, and promote better health and happiness. 

The Shiatsu therapist uses hands, thumbs, forearms and sometimes knees to apply sustained pressure to specific release points along Ki (energy) channels in the patient’s body. With a combination of deep pressure points and assisted stretches, energy (ki) toxins are released from your system so that emotional and mental stress, pain, stiffness, and disease are healed from their source. 

Tao Shiatsu originates from the Asian hand-healing tradition of energy medicine dating back 5,000 years to China. Shiatsu evolved into its modern form in Japan, where Shiatsu Master Ryokyu Endo developed it further and founded Tao Shiatsu.

Tao Shiatsu is based on the Buddhist (Mahayana) and Taoist concepts of unification with the Universal Spirit, and deep compassion for and oneness of all human beings. In the spirit of Eastern Medicine’s holistic approach to health, the Meridian Method of Tao Shiatsu is the expression of the practitioner’s heart and spirit. It affects the ‘whole’ person – physical, emotional and energetic – and not just some part of the person.

The Stay Spa Resort’s Shiatsu therapist, Annie Bachmann, trained with Tao Shiatsu Master Endo in Japan for over 4 years and has been practicing since 1995. Upon returning to Madison, she established the Tao Sangha Healing Center. For more information, including treatment stories and FAQ, please visit: taoshiatsutherapy.com.


* In group prices, “services” refers to any of the StaySpa Services.

* Due to the StaySpa proximity and service provider’s travel expenses, there is a minimum requirement of two (2) hours of total services in the Massage/Shiatsu therapies category and/or in the Facials/Body Wraps category.

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