Tao Shiatsu: Fundamental healing

Shiatsu is the hands-on form of Oriental Medicine and literally means ‘finger pressure’. It is both a therapeutic and preventative form of treatment and a refreshing way to enrich the quality of your life and promote better health and happiness. A treatment takes place with the receiver clothed, lying on a comfortable futon mat on the floor. The Shiatsu therapist uses their hands, forearms and sometimes knees or feet, to apply sustained pressure to specific release points along Ki (energy) channels in the patient’s body. With a combination of deep pressure points and assisted stretches, Ki toxins are released from the energy system so that emotional and mental stress, pain, stiffness, and disease are healed from their source. Tao Shiatsu therapy aims to assist patients in the recovery and strengthening of their natural internal healing power and connection to all of life (Tao).

Tao Shiatsu originates from the Asian hand-healing tradition of energy medicine dating back 5,000 years to China. Shiatsu evolved into its modern form in Japan, where Master Ryokyu Endo developed it further and founded Tao Shiatsu.

Ki Shin Do: Self-health practices

These gentle exercises are traditional Eastern practices designed to increase and strengthen the flow of universal life energy known as “ki” in Japanese (“chi” in Chinese) through the body. “Shin” means heart, the source of energy and “Do” means disciplined life practice. The classes will include demonstrations with plenty of time to do them yourself. You may choose a private one-on-one lesson, one with a partner or friend, or a class with your family or friends. The location can be inside or beachside, with a beautiful view of Castle Rock Lake. Handouts will be included so that the benefits of continued practice can be enjoyed at home.

Meridian Yoga

Meridian Yoga stretches are designed to open energy meridians that run through all the major organs (lungs, stomach, heart, kidneys, etc.) increasing physical flexibility and general well being.

One-on-One Yoga – Focused attention to you and your health, yoga positions that are best suited for your condition will be recommended and practiced. Partner Yoga – For pairs of people who want to learn how to give and receive hands-on yoga support. Family/Friends Yoga – Everyone is welcome to join in.


Renki exercises are enjoyable standing meditative movements that calm the mind, boost the circulation (ren) of energy (ki), and strengthen the body. They are similar to Taichi, and easier to learn. Whether learning one-on-one or in a group there will be thorough instruction and lots of time to practice.


Ki Breathing Meditation

Ki Breathing Meditation is a 5-step practice to strengthen your healing energy (ki) for yourself and others. Each step will be presented and experienced. Partners and groups can experience “giving” this healing meditation to each other.

Deborah Bachmann is a Tao Shiatsu practitioner and Ki Shin Do instructor. After 4 years of intensive training, with Master Ryokyu Endo at the International Tao Shiatsu School in Kyoto, Japan, she graduated in 1995. Upon return to Madison, Deborah established the Tao Sangha Center in 1996. For more information please visit www.taoshiatsu.com.


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