The Creation of the Stay Spa Resort

Fred and Kiya Bachmann love to travel. After years of enjoying extraordinary spa treatments around the world, they decided to take the best of what they experienced and make it a part of their luxurious Stay Spa Resort on Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin.
“We wanted to build a spa suite that gives our guests the features that we loved the most,” says Fred. “This way they don’t have to travel thousands of miles to experience the hot and cold plunges in Japan or the grottoes and eucalyptus mists in Thailand.”
With Fred’s experience as a second generation builder of luxury homes, and Kiya’s training as an esthetician and massage therapist, they combined their talents to design and build the Stay Spa. Together, they also own and operate Madison’s most respected swimming pool and spa business.
A key feature at the Stay Spa is the series of hot and cold plunges. “This standard wellness therapy in Asia is just now beginning to catch on in this country,” says Fred. “It is excellent for the skin and healing for the body.” Other design influences come from Sybaris in Mequon, Sundara Inn and Spa in Wisconsin Dells, and the Bellagio Spa and Salon in Las Vegas.
They built the Stay Spa on some of the best waterfront in the state—a beautiful stretch of beach on the fourth largest lake in Wisconsin, with an ocean-like view of the water as far as the eye can see, complete with waves crashing along the shore.
There is something timeless and romantic about a sudden storm coming upon two lovers—to create the ultimate spa experience, Fred collaborated with engineers to design a realistic storm sequence that can be activated in the spa room. The six-minute, 20-second sequence begins with gentle gusts of warm air that grow into a stronger breeze as the “storm” approaches. Distant thunder rumbles through the Surround Sound speaker system built into the walls. Rain starts to fall. Lights flash as lightning strikes and thunder booms. Then, as the storm subsides and the thunder fades, the lighting system casts a rainbow across the walls and birds begin to twitter.
“Our guests can enjoy the best of what other countries have to offer, right here in the heart of Wisconsin,” says Fred. “We designed the Stay Spa to be a totally unique experience, so there is no need to go anyplace else.”
“When we found a day spa that we truly loved, we never wanted to leave,” adds Kiya. “That’s why we designed and built the Stay Spa, supported by the slogan: ‘Why only go for a day, when you deserve to stay?’”