Hot Tub & Cold Plunge Tubs

Enter your own personal rainforest experience. The relaxing effects of the hot tub, the exilirating feeling of the cold plunge, and the invigorating eucalyptus steam spa..., you will never want to leave.

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The Spa Room at the StaySpa on Castle Rock Lake is larger than what you will find at most five-star hotel accommodations and offers the most unique hot tub experiences, unlike anything you've seen before. There is a large 12 person hot tub, a cold plunge, and a eucalyptus steam room.

Imagine for a moment, a gentle rain, slowly building with intesity to a thunderous crashing storm, then calming to a tranquil rainbow setting. Imagination becomes reality with our Spa Room Storm Experience. The Spa Room also offers the Rainforest Experience, which you'll have to reserve your stay to find out more.

Another unique and amazingly exhilarating experience is the hot tub and cold plunge pool. After relaxing in the hot tub, which is set at a relaxing and soothing 104 degrees, submerse yourself in the cold plunge, set at a refreshing and theraputic 65 degrees. The cold plunge has a long history and offers many health benefits. The cold plunge stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies pores, and reduces inflammation of joints and muscles.

Perhaps you aren't brave enough to try the cold plunge, then you can relax in the eucalyptus steam spa. Combining steam and aromatherapy, the eucalyptus steam room rejuvenates your entire body.

And a quick reminder, the Spa Room is all yours. Unlike other spa resorts, you have to share the facilities with other guests. At the StaySpa on Castle Rock Lake, you get everything all to yourself! You work hard, you deserve it.